Muha-Nad Rasheed is a choreographer, painter, musician, film editor and director. Born in Baghdad in 1985. Born into an artistic family, he was exposed to the arts from an early age. As a teenager, Muha-Nad studied painting and theatre at the Institute of Fine Arts in Baghdad before becoming interested in dance. As a dancer and choreographer Muha-Nad is self-taught; his practice is influenced by his own research as well as experimentation with Japanese Butoh and contemporary dance. In 2007 he founded the dance company "Iraqi Bodies" with a group of fellow artists. Their first dance production, Crying of My Mother, received prizes at the Theatre Festival in Jordan 2007 and second place in the Airowaves selections in London 2009. 


Today Muha-Nad is based in the Netherlands. He has continued creating dance pieces, including Mourning, which was commissioned by The Internationaal Danstheater Netherlands and received the Swan Award for Best Dance Production in Holland in 2010. That year, Muha Nad also won the Dutch Dance Days Promising Choreographer award. More recently, Muha-Nad is working on a new short film called "Like a child in front of a mirror" inspired by his research in cosmology.